Why Do Your Water Pipes Explosion? Here Are 6 Causes

Burst Pipe Repair in Columbia MD

The very last thing you need for a householder is for your sewage pipes to explode. Burst water pipes may result in a variety of issues in your property, spending you a significant amount of time, energy, and, most significantly, cash. As a result, you must do all possible to avoid your sewer lines from exploding.

Obviously, if done to avoid bursting, you should first understand what causes it. This is exactly what we’ll be talking about down here. The following are spiralling why your sewage pipes may have burst.

What Causes Pipes to Burst?

Water Pipes Explosions

Climate, climate conditions, physical damage, and other factors can cause water pipelines to rupture. Let’s go into the details of pipe bursts, will we?


When you live north of the Mason-Dixon border, you should be aware of the dangers of frozen water pipes.

If the temp decreases below zero ° F, the liquid in your pipelines has the potential to freeze solid. As more moisture hardens and collects in one section of a pipeline, pressure is exerted to that section of the pipe. The pipeline will rupture if the strain grows too great.

Luckily, placing your taps on a drip will keep your temperatures down. You prevent the water from freezing in one spot by keeping it flowing.

Incursion Of Tree Roots

Tree root invasion is another cause of water pipe bursts. Tree roots stretch more and more into the soil as they become larger. These roots may expand till they come face to face with other subsurface beings in some situations.

Water pipes, in the overwhelming majority of circumstances are insufficient to halt tree branches in their footsteps. Tree roots, on the other hand, will tend to face stress on the pipelines, pressing them until they shatter.

To avoid this, make sure that any new shrubs you planted are as far distant from your water mains as feasible. And besides, there’s not really much you could do after a shrub has been established to inhibit root development.


Your pipes may break in some circumstances merely even though they’ve been subjected to this kind of water mistreatment over time, especially if they’re built of iron. When this happens, the pipes rust, thin, and eventually burst open.

There really isn’t much you could do to keep steel pipes from corroding. You will never have to bother about rust again if you replace them with metal or polymer tubes.

Soil Shifting 

Water Pipes

Water pipes can sometimes break since the soil surrounding them moves. This usually occurs when development is being done near the pipes.

In this circumstance, the maximum you could do is request that the work crew be cautious about where it distributes soil. The staff may be able to rescue your pipes from massive pressure by carefully discarding dislodged dirt.

Extremely High Water Level

For most household plumbing, 40 to 45 psi is the ideal strength. Your water pressure shouldn’t be more than 60 psi. If this happens, your water pipelines are at risk of exploding.

For a plethora of purposes, water increases pressure. It can sometimes be simply blasted into your residence at an excessive rate. In other circumstances, pipe problems might cause water to lose momentum and increase the speed at inconvenient periods.

Regardless of the cause of your excessive water pressure, you’ll need to hire a plumber to analyze the situation and perform any repairs that are required.  Count on us for reliable plumbing services that are delivered on time.

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