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Your bathroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home. To feel good there, it is important that it reflects your desires and your tastes. But beware, that’s not all, your bathroom must also fit your wallet.

Note that the pricing of bathroom installation will depend on many factors such as its surface area, the planned arrangements, the need to dismantle the old equipment, etc.

Let’s take stock of the situation together. The polished concrete is actually a generic term used to define a variety of coating techniques whose aim is an aspect of mortar, colored or not.

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The price of this coating itself doesn’t cost that much, but a qualified professional is usually used to apply it. Indeed, we do not improvise a craftsman overnight and the result can quickly become catastrophic if it is the first time that we have put our hands in the dough. To paint a bathroom we do not use just any paint. This must be resistant to humidity and temperature variations. In general, a water-based acrylic paint is used, it can be of gloss, mat or satin finish.

We know that planning your bathroom renovations is an important step. That’s why we promise you exceptional service. From the very first consultation until the very end of the work, including the design of your plan, the selection of your furniture or the management of the various suppliers, we will be at your side to answer all your questions and concerns.

Plumbing Services Columbia sets itself apart from other plumbing fixtures by offering a turnkey service that allows customers not only to choose their furniture and accessories on site, but also to achieve their dream bathroom without worry or hassle. Share your design favorites with us and we’ll put together a project that will meet your expectations. Our commitment is to offer you the best materials and accessories while maximizing your budget, while ensuring your peace of mind.

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