Which Heating Boiler To Choose For The House

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There are acute problems with space heating and hot water if there is no connection to central heating. It is then that the heating boiler becomes real salvation. In this article, we will tell you what boilers are and how to choose the best one for heating your home.

What Is A Heating Boiler

The boiler is the real “heart” of the entire heating system. This is where the fuel turns into heat for the entire home. All boilers work in almost the same way: the fuel is burned inside the boiler, and the resulting heat, using a heat exchanger (for example, water), is transferred further through the pipes.

Which Heating Boiler To Choose For The House

What Heating Boilers Are There

First of all, you need to decide what you want to heat your home with. Depending on the fuel used, boilers differ both in size and in price. In addition, there are many other nuances that will appear only during operation. Let’s take a look at the most popular types of boilers.

Gas Boilers

If gas is supplied to your house, you should immediately choose a gas boiler. Otherwise, other options are worth considering. Because the cost of connecting a house to gas can be really big. Keep in mind that this process is long: you will have to develop and agree on a gasification project, obtain permission from all gas services, and also wait for the completion of all installation work. Prices for such turnkey projects can start from 300,000 rubles.

However, if the gas was connected or you successfully coped with the task of carrying it out, then we should congratulate you: gas boilers are easy to use and relatively safe. And natural gas is the cheapest fuel in Russia.

Oil-fired Boilers

Liquid fuel is used, most often diesel. Such equipment needs heat and must be installed in a separate ventilated area. Another disadvantage is the high cost of diesel fuel. However, these boilers do not require user control – they turn it on and it works. It is also worth noting that liquid fuel boilers are quite easy to reconfigure for gas: so it can be a perfectly good choice for the time being.

Electric Boilers

The easiest and fastest option is to provide warmth to your home. No approvals, easy to install and configure. And, it seemed, here it is the ideal option, but everything is covered by a significant minus – it is monstrously expensive to heat a house with electricity. And even an efficiency close to 100% does not correct the situation.

How To Choose A Boiler

We will assume that we have decided on the type of fuel. Now let’s take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when choosing a boiler.

Single-circuit And Double-circuit

Boilers are single-circuit and double-circuit. In simple terms, the single-circuit ones simply heat the house, and the double-circuit ones still heat the water. In modern single-circuit boilers, water heating can also be achieved, but it will be necessary to install a boiler.


Here, too, everything is simple: does the boiler need electricity or not. Usually, electricity is needed for boilers with automation when various temperature control systems or safety systems are in operation.

Boiler Power

It is very important to select the correct boiler output. If it is not enough, then it will be cold in winter. Take more than you need – you will constantly overpay. It is better to contact the specialists so that they calculate the required power, otherwise there is a risk of not taking into account something.

The Combustion Chamber

Boilers that use air to burn fuel are equipped with an open or closed combustion chamber. For open air, it is taken directly from the room, so a chimney and ventilation are absolutely necessary. For a closed room, the air is taken from the outside, so ventilation can be skipped.

Placement Type And Dimensions

Everything is simple here: boilers are wall-mounted and floor-standing. Of course, wall-mounted boilers benefit in size: they are compact and can be installed in the kitchen.

However, floor-standing boilers, despite their bulkiness, gain in power. Therefore, for a large private house, of course, it is worth considering a floor-standing boiler.


Heating Boiler

It should be said right away that all boilers are safe with proper installation, observance of operating rules and regular maintenance. Therefore, it is very important to comply with all norms and rules that are established by the manufacturer and regulatory authorities.

Boiler Maintenance And Repair

Let us remind you once again: in order for your boiler to work for a long time, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance in a safe and efficient manner . It is recommended to do this once a year: either before the heating season or immediately after it. If this is not done, then the accumulated problems can result in a major overhaul of the boiler.

It is better to entrust the maintenance and repair of boilers to specialized organizations that can document their professionalism and experience. The boiler is a high-tech device that can be easily damaged if used improperly.

We are committed to provide you with the highest level of service and quality during your calls.

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