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We have a comprehensive service that includes hazardous and non-hazardous trash pickup, transportation, and management, as well as industrial wastewater.

Our facility, which also includes an industrial wastewater treatment plant, recycles hazardous waste and recovers non-ferrous metals, making it one of the few in Columbia.

We are specialists in the processing and recycling of waste, including hazardous waste and fire-related waste. We make certain that our offerings are all-inclusive. We place equal emphasis on garbage pickup, storage, and disposal. 

We advise, develop findings, studies, and waste management systems on all aspects of proper waste management. Furthermore, we provide plants with approved containers, allowing for the safe disposal of chemical, post-consumer, and hazardous waste following all safety regulations.

What Is The Concept Of Garbage Disposal?

Our expert installation, which is focused on garbage treatment plants and modern technical and technological solutions and meets environmental criteria, will assist you in disposing of liquid waste in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. 

The separation of hazardous substances from industrial pollutants is ensured by physicochemical methods, and in the case of waste containing a high concentration of metals, it is subjected to a recovery process in our own chemical raw materials recovery facility. 

Metals are recovered in our chemical raw materials plant for regeneration, while toxic substances are converted into a less harmful form using modern machines.

Garbage Disposal In The Modern Era

Are you having trouble dealing with waste? We can accept several streams of sewage and liquid pollutants simultaneously at our facility, which is made possible by the use of different technical lines, and therefore various technologies for sewage and industrial waste disposal.

Professional Garbage Disposal

We use specialized vehicles for waste transportation as part of our commitment to safety and compliance with relevant legislation, and we dispose of industrial waste using adequate precautions.

The industrial waste management services provide also ensure that the waste is properly treated and does not affect the environment. In the area of processing post-consumer waste and expired food, our services are constantly supervised by veterinarians. 

If you entrust us with the operation, you can rest assured that both the export and the disposal of food waste will be handled professionally. We also manage the waste collection after a fire. Incineration also creates waste that is difficult to identify. As a result, as a specialized firm, we also assist with the handling of the waste following fires and incidents. 

We are mindful that hazardous waste should not be disposed of with other forms of waste in any circumstances. The neutralization of this waste should be done with great caution. As a consequence, the waste collected from you is sent for recycling or final disposal in plants that have made acceptable administrative decisions. Food waste is used by our regular business partners, in whom we have complete confidence.

In Addition To Waste Disposal

We are pleased to announce the completion of our first construction programs, which included the construction, modernization, and expansion of public buildings. We may also brag about our ability to provide construction services at gas stations. 

Water supply networks, sanitary and rainwater sewage systems, oil and gas boiler houses, electric networks, concrete and reinforced concrete works, steel buildings, sandwich panel construction, paving, finishing, and insulation works are among the services we provide. For companies that have already partnered with us on building projects, we even provide hazardous waste disposal services.

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