Water Heater Repair And Their Frequents

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If you have come across this article it is because you have surely come across some problem with your water heater. Surely you have noticed that it is broken but before doing a replacement you want to make sure it cannot be repaired. Sometimes the failure is really so small that it isn’t worth replacing an entire water heater. So before you rush out to buy the first boiler you come across, read this article and find out who does the water heater repair. In this, you can ensure that you receive attentive service, care for, and accuracy by a professional. Which will tell you if it’s time to replace your water heater or not. Continue this reading and find out everything you need to know.

What Is The Water Heater?

Water Heater Repair And Their Frequents


A water heater is an appliance that allows us to have a hot water bath in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This device is essential because it guarantees us all the hot water we need. We can call it the best choice when we have central heating. With centralized heating, we mean space heating linked to the condominium boiler. If, on the other hand, you have autonomous and individual heating, we recommend that you consider purchasing a boiler. There are many different products on the market among the best-known brands we can indicate Vaillant, Beretta, Ariston, and many others. Each of these has its own characteristics and is able to offer high performance. They have energy-saving solutions that allow us to take advantage of tax deductions. However, we can divide it into two different categories: electric and gas water heater.

Electric Or Gas Water Heater?

How to choose between an electric water heater or a gas water heater? The operation of the devices is the same, they both have the same function that is to generate hot water. Only the type of power we want to exploit changes. The best product you can choose from is definitely the gas model. The electric model, although cheaper, has limits in the emission of hot water, which are limited to its tank. It does not generate continuous hot water and above all, it increases the correct bill. On the contrary, the gas water heater, although more expensive and more cumbersome, is its installation, as well as having a low bill, it allows us to always have running hot water.

Water Heater Replacement

We recommend replacing the water heater only when it is no longer possible to repair it. Or in case although it is possible to carry out the water heater repair, our device is now obsolete. Old models consume a lot so it might be worth replacing an old model with a new one to reduce the cost of your bill as well. Furthermore, the advantage of buying energy-saving devices nowadays lies in the possibility of deducting costs. The replacement of the water heater, if we buy an energy-saving one, is part of the tax deductions provided by the state.

Repair Electric Water Heater Most Frequent Failures

Electric water heater repair is carried out very often. There are faults that occur very frequently in these devices. Let’s see which are the main ones:

No hot water comes out, the reason could be a possible disconnection or breakage of the electrical system. Check that it has not been locked out due to the safety systems. If a boiler is inactive for a long time, the safety system blocks it, and then it must be manually unlocked. Damaged or clogged water tap.

Water leaks. There are many reasons why we might run into this issue. The most frequent is an excessive presence of limescale in the device. Then followed by a broken or damaged resistance.

Continuous and excessive noise, also in this case can be caused and generated by excessive limestone. The limescale deposited in the device tends to generate a frequent and continuous noise.

Gas Water Heater Repair Most Frequent Failures

Water Heater Repair

Even in the case of the purchase of a gas water heater you can run into some problems. Let’s see which are the most frequent failures in this case:

The water heater does not turn on. In this, it is possible that it was due to an electrical fault, a fault in the gas system, or a safety lock. If there is a malfunction of the electrical system, the device is unable to generate the flame that allows the water to be heated. The same when there is a problem with the gas system connected to the boiler. The safety lock may have been caused by a fault or by inactivity.

Little influx of hot water and never too hot, always lukewarm. In these cases, the problem is the water pressure which may be due to an incorrect thermostat setting. But also from more relevant problems such as an internal failure.

The water heater has frequent blockages. When this problem arises, there is almost always a gas leak. Thanks to its safety systems, the water heater locks automatically. Another reason could be the low or too high pressure of the water which causes the water heater to block again for safety reasons.

We can fix anything, no matter how big or tiny. When you really cannot wait, give us a call.

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