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Hot Water Pipe Replacement

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Maintaining and repairing the hot water pipes and plumbing in your home protects you from unsightly, unsanitary and very harmful conditions (for example, a leaky pipe can lead to mold).

During all those years that our plumbing systems have served us well, old galvanized steel hot water pipes have corroded. Fittings between lines can leak and lines can corrode and rust.

A decrease in water pressure and the color of rust in the water are the most common clues of a problem with old hot water pipes.

How To Take Care Of Your Water Pipe

Repair or Replace?

We in Plumbing Services Columbia can check your water hot water pipes and advise you on the advantages of both options: repair or replace.

If the hot water pipes in your home have almost reached the point of no return, it will be safer, wiser and less expensive to replace the old hot water pipes all at once than to have to endure the damage, costs and inconvenience of several partial repairs (usually after a leak, often inside walls and ceilings). The most common reasons for replacing lines are:

  • Traces of rust in the water
  • Leaky hot water pipes
  • Reduced water pressure

Choosing A Replacement System

One of our advisers can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of ducts available today. Prior to installation, we will determine the type and amount of material to be purchased.

Together, based on our experience and your needs, we will determine the best method to use to replace your old hot water pipes. Important points to consider and determine are:

  • How many openings in the walls will be required and where
  • How to minimize inconvenience to you and your family
  • When and for how long will you be without running water.

Pipe Route Modifications

It is often possible, during pipe replacement, to modify the course of the hot water pipes to your advantage, for example by diverting the hot water pipes from the cold exterior walls or by routing the hot water through a shorter course from where it is heated and where it is used (which allows you to enjoy hot water more quickly). Other advantages and savings can be achieved by redesigning the installation of the hot water pipes.

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