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Are your toilets blocked? Don’t panic, most of the time the plug can be dissolved without calling a professional. We recommend that you try unblocking fluids first. Usually, they get through the plug and they have the advantage of working on their own! If that’s not enough, go to the different mechanical tools. Nothing can resist them.

Usually a toilet leak can come either from the flow in the bowl or in the tank, but it is still necessary to know how a flush works to be able to determine the multiple causes of a leak.

A seal, float, valve may be faulty. If the water is lost in and outside the bowl it may be that the seal at the bottom of the tank no longer fulfills its role, if the water flows inside the bowl it may be the valve and usually too much tartar can also cause these dysfunctions. Water flowing through the overflow outlet indicates a float problem. Whatever the cause of such a leak, the repair must be done as soon as possible.

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Is it your flush that is responsible for the poor evacuation of your toilets? Hopefully, you just need to replace the gasket. If it is necessary to change the entire mechanism, we are there to support you step by step in the repairs.

Plumbing Services Columbia accompanies you in your troubleshooting during a toilet leak. We communicate with great transparency on all of our services. Don’t waste your money on the water in your toilet bowl! Do you know that without repairing a toilet leak you run the risk of wasting up to 150 liters of water per day and therefore considerably increasing your water bill for nothing.

There is nothing much petty than a water leak in the toilet bowl and a little trickle of water can cause inconvenience especially to your wallet in terms of overconsumption of water, without forgetting that it is also very annoying. It is therefore imperative to repair such a leak as quickly as possible.

This is why, thanks to our price list, you know in advance the price that you will be charged for troubleshooting a toilet leak. There is a fixed price for the service without change of material.

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