Water Supply Connection- Construction Of A Water Supply System

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The construction of the water supply system should be carried out in accordance with the guidelines contained in the project. Which specifies the route, diameters, material and type of pipes, location of valves and hydrophore and a water meter (if necessary). The method of preparing domestic hot water is of key importance, among other things.

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Basically, in installations based on boilers and hot utility water heaters, the cold water pipe should be led to the heating device from where a network of two or three pipes should be distributed – for cold and hot water, and a circulation pipe connected to the battery. The hot water pipes should be located at least 10 cm above the cold water pipes. It is easier if the heater is mounted in the immediate vicinity of the battery. Then an installation based on pipes with cold water is sufficient.

Water Supply System

Water is supplied to each storey in the building by means of a water pipe, the diameter of which is usually in the range of DN25 – DN32. In the case of other water receivers, the following connection diameters with risers are assumed – DN15 for washbasins, DN20 for bidets, cisterns and shower faucets, DN25 for approaches to washing machines, dishwashers and bathtubs.

 This type of installation in single-family houses is most often made of plastic pipes (eg PE, PP, PB, PVC.) Or more expensive copper pipes (except for places with soft water). The water supply systems in the building can be run in three ways. A distribution system, a ring system and a tee system.

 Conditions For The Correct Operation Of The Water System

Water Supply System

Continuous supply of water with appropriate Physico-chemical parameters to the house depends on the type of material used, design specifications and the quality of assembly works. It is very important to take into account the expansion of the installation materials. And the composition of the tap water, which will affect the service life of the system and the quality of this medium. In the assembly of the water supply system, the movement of the water is also significantly influenced. By the pressure in the installation in relation to the pipe diameters and estimated water consumption. In a domestic plumbing system, pipes should always run vertically through ceilings. And also horizontally through walls.     

Water Consumption At Home – Billing Conditions

Traditional water meters are the most popular system. However, the dynamic development of modern technologies leads to the easier and more efficient operation of home installations. One of such solutions is the remote reading system. Thanks to which we can forget about the visit of people reading meters at our homes once and for all. New possibilities of data transmission collected in electricity meters during measurements are a solution to the future. Solutions that enable reading data from meters using data transmission technology using various protocols can be read remotely using GSM / GPRS technology or via LAN.

In not just the finished building, but even from the very first days of the construction, water is needed. It is necessary to take care of it prior, irrespective of if you have a chance to get water from a tap. Or you may need to dig your own well.

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