Pump grinder And Pumps In Sanitary Installations

Pump grinder and pumps are used in sanitary installations in households and public buildings. Grinding and pumping devices are used to discharge organic and household sewage to a remote sewage system, septic tank or sewage treatment plant.

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Where are pump grinder and sewage pumps used?

Pump-shredders and pumps make it possible to arrange a bathroom, laundry room or kitchen in previously unsuitable places. They allow for the adaptation of rooms for utility purposes where the main sewage system is too far away or above the required level. 

Use of shredders, as well as dirty water pumps, can solve many problems with the discharge of sewage from various rooms (bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, laundries), a typically located in apartments or private houses (e.g. in attics, basements), as well as in buildings or premises public utilities (pubs, restaurants, doctor’s offices, hotels, etc.). The right choice of devices is important – in public places, do not use devices intended for home use. The problem of the lack of a sewage riser in a room adapted for utility purposes (gravity sewage drainage) is solved by a pump with a grinder.

WC pump with grinder – installation recommendations

When installing a sanitary system with a chopper pump, you should follow a few important rules:

  • a drain valve should be used to remove the contents from the discharge pipe. In the event of disassembly of the grinder pump or possible service of the device. The use of a drain shut-off valve is also recommended.
  • if we have a horizontal and vertical drain, the horizontal drain should be used after the vertical drain,
  • when we discharge sewage horizontally to a distance greater than 12 m, then at this distance we increase the diameter of the outlet and use an air vent at the highest point of the outflow, i.e. just after the transition of the vertical outflow to the horizontal outflow,
  • if we discharge sewage to a certain height, the horizontal pumping capacity is reduced by an appropriate amount (1 m vertically corresponds to 10 m horizontally). To avoid losing flow performance, do not use 90 ° elbows – instead, use two 45 ° elbows.

sanitary installation

All connectors and clamps needed for the installation of the shredders are supplied by the manufacturer with the device.

How should the toilet chopper be installed?

The device is mounted at a distance of min. 5 cm from the wall, on a flat, even surface, be sure to screw them to the ground. We do not screw the shredders to the walls. To avoid loud work and possible knocks due to the vibration of the device.

To avoid the effect of “siphoning”, especially at greater distances. Airing valves should be used and the diameter of horizontal pipes should be increased

To sum up, the shredder pumps allow to arrange toilets, bathrooms, kitchens or laundries in places. Where access to the sewage system is difficult or where sewage risers are distant. It does not require carrying out serious and costly renovation works. A thin, easily concealed pipe with a diameter of 22 to 50 mm is enough to discharge sewage (also with faeces) to traditional sewage risers or septic tanks. The assembly of the device is easy, you just need to follow a few installation recommendations.

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