How To Unblock A Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet

This article will teach you how to deal with the Blocked Toilet problem; don’t be discouraged or worried; it can be resolved quickly. A clogged or Blocked Toilet is unpleasant and annoying. It produces a mess in your house and makes you feel uneasy.

You can do it yourself, even if it is difficult, especially if you have a plunger at home. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can contact the best Plumbing Services Columbiamd to do it for you.

  • Applying Soap and Hot Water to Unblock a Toilet
  • Add just a few slivers of body wash, dish soap, or shampoo to the toilet body.
  • Remove the water with a small jar or cup, and don’t return it to the toilet bowl when you’re through.
  • Manually remove any surplus water from the toilet bowl and ensure that there is enough room to add a liter of liquid.
  • If the toilet flushes, the block has been removed, and you are free; however, if the toilet still overflows, you must repeat this step or attempt another approach.
  • Fill the toilet bowl with hot water and let it sit for 20 minutes. Heat a gallon of water to a drinking temperature; extremely hot water will crack your toilet bowl.

Blocked Toilet

Using A Plunger To Blocked Toilet

Even though it seems old-fashioned, this is a sure-fire technique to unclog your toilet. The steps are outlined below.

To make room to plunge, use a small dish and gently scoop the water out.

Place the plunger lightly in the toilet bowl and drop it slowly and steadily to allow air from inside the plunger to escape.

This will force current water into the toilet’s trap way and pipes, clearing the obstruction. Begin plunging in a hard up-and-down motion. If the plunge is successful, the water level in the bowl will decrease.

If the water level does not decrease, keep thrusting and spraying water until the block is removed.

This stage necessitates the use of a plunger as well as a lot of elbow grease.

If the toilet bowl is overflowing, remove enough water to allow you to use the plunge without splashing water on you or spilling out the toilet seat.

Blocked Toilet

Using A Coat Hanger To Unblock A Toilet

Wrap a towel around one end of the straight wire and secure it with duct tape. Disposable gloves should be worn while unraveling a wire coat hanger.

Using the hanger, simply press the debris down the sewer until you are able to flush the toilet. Push and twist the wire in a clockwise direction; if you can’t feel the wire hitting the blockage or impediment, the work may be out of reach. This will prevent it from scratching your toilet seat.

Unblocking A Toilet With Vinegar And Baking Soda

Allow 20 minutes for the bubbles to settle before flushing. No need to be alarmed; this mixture will produce a lot of bubbles, which is why you must first remove any surplus water.

Half of the amount should be physically taken from the toilet bowl, and a cup of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar should be poured into it.

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