How to Install a Sump Pump Setups

sump pump

A sump pump can be hardwired directly into your home’s electrical system, or it can be plugged into an outlet. Many sump pumps also come equipped with backup battery packs that allow them to continue functioning if and when the power goes out. Alternatively, many sumps also works using your home’s water pressure to remove water from the sump pit. Plumbing Services Columbia is able to install a wide range of sump systems as well as provide you with detailed knowledge about how they work. What you can do yourself to ensure that they are well maintained.

sump pump


In addition to doing the installation work, we provide our customers with regular maintenance and preventative services. It is important to perform pump tests to ensure that it will be fully operational and reliable during the next big downpour event. 

To perform a pump test, the sump pit should be filled with water to the point that the pump’s switch is triggered. The pump should turn itself on, remove all of the water that has been poured into the pit in a matter of seconds, and then turn it off. 

The float and the check valve should move freely and fluidly and should not be encumbered by anything. We can also make sure that your sump is clean, removing any dirt or debris that has accumulated. This is another important part of sump upkeep.

Replacement And Repair:

Just as with any piece of machinery, there are things that you can do to prolong your sump pump’s useful life, but it is not going to last forever. Sump pump repair will need to be undertaken during the life of your sump pump. And eventually, it will need to be replaced. If your sump pump seems to not be performing as well as it once. You are looking to upgrade to a newer system with newer technology.

The plumbing experts at Columbia have got you covered. Call us today at (410) 784-8571 and let us know how we can help handle any and all of your sump pump repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Pump Installation & Service:

Many people are not aware, but sump are able to effectively solve most basement leaking and flooding issues. As they are incredibly effective at removing water from crawl spaces and below-ground rooms. 

A pump is a pump that you sit at the bottom of a “sump pit” the lowest point in your crawl space or basement. Water is supposed to find its way into drain pipes that have been perforated. Which is then funneled into the sump pump area.

The sump, which has a switch that is triggered when the water reaches a certain level in the pit. Then expels the water into the nearest storm drain, retention pond, or dry well. Most new homes come with a sump, and a sump pit, but many older homes do not. 

slough pump

If you are worried that you are at risk for structural damage to your home. Because of water that is not being expelled, then Plumbing Services Columbia can help. We specialize in sump installation services, pump repair, and running sump pump tests. 

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